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The way it is done is as important as what is done.

ALSC’s principle-based design process is based on 70 years of translating our clients’ physical, functional, aesthetic and emotional needs into spaces that enhance the human experience. We want to make the world a better place—and we do it methodically, intelligently and sustainably.

In working with ALSC, you will find that our process is neither arbitrary nor preconceived. We begin by gaining a clear understanding of the needs of our clients. This information becomes a set of “Guiding Principles” that form the foundation for the project.

We believe that the best solutions result from a process that focuses on engagement and collaboration with our clients. We provide the leadership and clear communication to guide the collective team through this process, from initial discussions and conceptual design through completion of construction.

The result of this principle-based design process is architecture that is an authentic expression of the vision, mission and culture of our clients.