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Nothing is more important to a building (or an architectural firm) than its foundation.

“The best buildings are found to have been produced when there is something within the problem which has been inspiring to the architect. There will be something distinctive about its use, its site, and its place that will give it a distinctive stamp. Such buildings are special and evoke a special feeling from those who experience them.” – Thomas R. Adkison, Founding Partner


ALSC Architects boasts a legacy of inspiring, committed leadership that continues to serve as the foundation of our firm today.

When Tom Adkison (the "A" of ALSC) founded the firm in 1948, he instilled a powerful philosophy of architecture and involvement—repeatedly giving back and supporting the community. He realized the powerful role that architecture plays in the spirit of a community and in developing a sense of place and pride. As Executive Architect for Spokane's groundbreaking EXPO '74 World's Fair, Tom's planning and design transformed the city, introducing millions of people to the importance of environmental stewardship.

This legacy did not end with the passing of Tom. His vision is alive and well today, as ALSC staff members have volunteered thousands of hours for community service over the years.

ALSC's management and staff currently hold memberships and board positions in over 50 community organizations. We are proud to follow Tom in serving our community and inspiring others to do so. It is a legacy that we never expect to fade.

Firm Timeline

  • McClure & Adkison (1948 - 1967)
  • Thomas R. Adkison (1967 - 1970)
  • Adkison Architects (1970 - 1973)
  • Adkison Leigh Sims Cuppage Architects (1973 - 1987)
  • ALSC Architects, P.S. (1987 - Present)

Former Principals

  • Tom Adkison
  • Royal McClure
  • John Leigh
  • Ron Sims
  • Bob Cuppage
  • Gary Dinwoodie
  • Ritch Fenrich
  • John Manning
  • Steve Hindley
  • Scott Whitesitt